August 2016 Cedar Post



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Wimberley, Texas 78676


Volume 17, Number 8                   August 2016



FoodBy all accounts, everyone enjoyed the pre-meeting meal and the camaraderie.  Grillmaster Ray Garrison (assisted by Chuck Cogswell and under the supervision of Crow Wilson), prepared hamburgers and hot dogs.  Ladies from the Auxiliary provided a variety of salads, side dishes, and desserts.

On behalf of the Post, the Commander received a plaque from the San Marcos Area Youth Soccer Organization (SMAYSO) represented by Jim Neff and his son.


Highlights of the meeting included:

  • The Commander recognized several Post members for their efforts “above and beyond” to help make this year’s rodeo a success.
  • The membership voted to rescind the motion passed last month to give the Lone Star Cowgirls $500. It was determined that they did not need the money and were instead going to donate it to another organization.
  • Members also voted to add $329 to the $1,950 raised by bingo and the $221 donated by bingo players for the families of slain police officers in Dallas. This brings our total donation to the Assist the Officer Foundation to $2,500.
  • Junior Vice Commander Johnny Manning will be meeting with Mike Wilmore to review the priority list of Post improvements and revise as necessary. Members who have input are encouraged to contact Johnny or Mike.
  • Likewise, Post members interested in helping to prepare the 2017 Post Budget are asked to contact Mike Lukowiak, Acting Quartermaster.
  • Laura Fergeson provided a presentation on Operation Iraqi Freedom (commemorative date – 31 July)




While we do not yet have the final figures form the Rodeo, it appears that our bottom line will be higher than last year.  Again, thanks to all who had a hand in making this a great Rodeo.


The July meeting was a flash back to meetings of old.  Thanks to all of the Auxiliary members who have returned and helped make the meal an enjoyable event.  We now have an Auxiliary committee to work with the Post on meal planning and the Rodeo.   WELCOME back ladies.


Through the generosity of our bingo players, in July we raised $900 for Boy Scout Troop 127, and by combining the money from bingo with donations from the public and the Post we are able to send $2500 to the families of the fallen Dallas police officers.  Thanks to all who helped make this possible.


The Post Adjutant is developing a Post directory.  This directory is for Post use ONLY and not for distribution to anyone who is not a member of the Post.  Unfortunately there are a lot of members for whom we do not have phone numbers, e-mail addresses or mailing addresses.  If you would please check with the Adjutant or contact her to insure she has your information it would be great fully appreciated.  Again, this is for Post use only or by the members.

Remember that the start of school is just around the corner.  Please be aware of the kids in route to and from school and the school zones which we have not had to worry about for some months – DON’T speed.School


The Thames rodeo is just around the corner, Labor Day weekend.


Donald C. Wheeler, Jr.





Post Members Mike Aillet and Bob Flocke have stepped up to help with Bingo, filling 2 of the 3 vacancies.  Their applications are pending approval by the State Lottery Commission.  This leaves us with 1 opening for a regular bingo worker.  Additionally, we could use a few more members to serve as “on-call” bingo workers to fill in when someone on one of the regular bingo teams is absent.


If you have been waiting to volunteer, now would be a very good time.  Contact Larry Merkin, 512-847-2949,





I would like to thank all the Post and Auxiliary members for their love and support while I have been Auxiliary President. Without you, our Auxiliary is unable to work the Programs provided by State and National. Each of you are a great asset to our organization.


We are hosting Deer Creek Nursing and Rehabilitations birthday party this month (today, so I can’t give you the number in attendance).


Our district meeting will be held this Sunday, August 14th, at 9 am in Schertz at Post 8315. They are planning for the meeting to be done about noon. Please let me know if you will be attending so that I may give a head count to the Schertz post as they will be providing a hot dog lunch.


Neta Ross

Auxiliary President






Post Work Day – August 20th, 0900

Post Planning Meeting – August 25th, 1800

Regular Meeting of the Post and Auxiliary – September 1st, 1830

Victory Over Japan (VJ) Day – September 2nd (1945)

National Patriot’s Day – September 11th

National POW/MIA Recognition Day – September 16th

Establishment of the U.S. Air Force – September 18th (1947)

Post Planning Meeting – September 29, 1800

VFW Birthday – September 29th (1899)

Regular Meeting of the Post and Auxiliary – October 6th, 1830

Establishment of the U.S. Navy – October 13th (1775)

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