January 2017 Cedar Post





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Volume 18, Number 1                   January 2017






A big thanks to the members of the Auxiliary for another excellent dinner of pulled pork, potatoes au gratin, mac and cheese, several different casseroles, cole slaw, salads, rolls, and a variety of desserts (cookies, cakes, cheesecake etc).

After dinner, Post Member Kerry Ridgway did an excellent job of presenting awards to the winners of the
Voice of Democracy (VOD) contest.  Pictured front row,  left to right, are Third Place Winner Evan Mayhew; Second Place Winner Mariel Mayhew; First Place Winner Jillian Garcia (also third place in district); and WHS Principal Jason Valentine


Highlights of the meeting included:

  • The membership voted to pursue having the State place signs on RR12 and FM 2325 to denote the appropriate turns to reach Post 6441.
  • A revision to Policy Letter #12*, Voice of Democracy, was presented for review by the membership. If you have comments on this revision please present them at the January 25th Planning Meeting. Adoption of this revision will be voted on at next month’s meeting.
  • Also presented for membership review was a revision of Policy Letter #13*, Patriot’s Pen. Comments or suggestions may be presented at the January 25th Planning Meeting. This will also be voted on at the February meeting.


*Copies of these draft policy letters were available at the meeting.  If you would like one, contact Chuck Cogswell, chcog@aol.com.




Once again we had the pleasure of presenting VOD scholarships to three deserving young students.  First place winner is Jillian Garcia – 10th grade, Second place winner is Mariel Mayhew – 12th grade, and third place winner is Evan Mayhew – 10th grade.  Jillian Garcia was also the District third place winner.  Thanks to Kerry Ridgway for a very successful program.  The program for 2017 will be more aggressive with the members being asked to participate at the school level.  Next month we will recognize the Patriot Pen winners.  The Wimberley ISD presented the Post with a plaque at the December School Board meeting for our support to the District and Schools.


I wish to express my sincere and heart-felt appreciation to the ladies of the Auxiliary who provided an excellent meal for the VOD winners and their families, as well as Post members at our January meeting.  More than 12 ladies came out to help, even though the Auxiliary was not meeting that night. (The Auxiliary will hold their monthly meeting on January 12th).  This was clearly was “above and beyond” the call of duty and speaks volumes for those ladies who participated.  You are appreciated by myself and the Post members.  THANK YOU!!!!

A reminder about the Post Memorial Scholarship program for children and grandchildren of Post members.  A copy of the Application Instructions and an Application form are enclosed.  Completed applications must be received no later than the 1st of February.  Scholarships must be redeemed by 31 December 2017.


Now that we are in 2017, there are less than six months until our annual rodeo.  It’s time to assign tasks to be accomplished and begin rounding up sponsors, vendors and workers.  The next rodeo committee meeting will be at 1815, February 8th at the Annex.


Nominations for Post officers for the 2017-2018 year will open at the March meeting and then again at the April meeting.  Voting will be held at the April meeting.  To be eligible to hold an officer position you must be a Post member, in good standing (dues paid up) and have a DD-214 on file.  The elected positions are Commander, Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commander, Quartermaster, 3 Year Trustee, and Chaplain.  The following officers are appointed by the Commander:  Adjutant; Surgeon; Service Officer; Judge Advocate; Officer of the Day; and Sergeant at Arms.  If you are interested is any of these positions, please let me know.  Remember this is your Post and it only works well when members are involved.


In February, the Post Adjutant will leave for a month long vacation.  In order for her to publish the February Cedar Post before she leaves, folks need to have their input to Chuck no later than the Tuesday (Feb 7th) following our meeting.  If not received by Tuesday it will NOT be in the Cedar Post.


On January 1, 2017 Lieutenant William “Bill” Johnson (United States Marine Corps) received his finial PCS orders.  He is relieved of duty this station and reassigned to the Marine Detachment guarding the Gates of Heaven.  He is once again joined with his comrades.  Bill, thank you for your service to the Nation and community.  You will be missed – Semper Fi.


Donald C. Wheeler, Jr.




Ever wonder why we continually stress the importance of Post members helping to run Bingo on Friday evenings?  A look at the results of our 2016 Bingo program will answer that question.


Bingo is a major fund raising activity for the Post.  In addition to supporting Post and Auxiliary activities, we are able to share the proceeds with Wimberley community.  For example, in 2016, the Bingo Committee donated $18,950 to the Post, $1,600 to our Auxiliary, and over $7,350 for several important non-profits (Project Graduation, 4-H, FFA, Boy Scouts, Assist the Officer Foundation (Dallas Police Officers KIA) and Wimberley Youth Sports)


A big thanks to all the Post and Auxiliary members who worked Bingo during this past year!




On a monthly basis (beginning next month), we will visit veterans who are inpatients at Deer Creek of Wimberley The purpose of these visits is to spend some time talking, and probably more importantly listening, to these fellow veterans.  If you would like to take part in these visits, please contact John Thompson at 512 239-9039 or email bubblehead2212@gmail.com.





William (Bill) P. Johnson

May 25th 1923 – January 1, 2017

Bill was a USMC veteran of WWII who was wounded on Iwo Jima.  A Life Member of VFW Post 6441, he was a rancher and farmer in Wimberley and a leader in the community.  Many of us remember last seeing Bill as an honored guest at our Pearl Harbor Day ceremonies on December 7th. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, January 14, at 2:00 p.m. at the Sabino Ranch.





I sit and reflect over the many years in around Post 6441. Beloved memories with my father (Post Charter Life Member, worked over 50 of the Post Rodeo’s back when they were a week long), and the many Post and Auxiliary members that have gone on before us. In the 70’s when the Auxiliary prepared all the food for the Rodeo, I helped slice the whole pies that were brought in by the Auxiliary members. Then there was selling sodas from the wood frame at the Old Post home. Riding in the grand entry with Louis “Honey” Honeycutt (Post Charter Member) of the Rodeo. Setting Pivot on horseback with Lorana Pevler (Past Auxiliary President). Working in the kitchen with Bonnie Carrol and her wonderful family, boy can those girls sing! Working dances with Virginia (Past Auxiliary President) & AJ Lunday. All the kiddos that have worked with us in the Concession stand over the years. It makes my heart smile when they come back and say hello. There have been many friendships formed over the years, and great sadness when a member of the Post or Auxiliary passes away. I hope to continue to form new friendships. If you are a new Post/Auxiliary member or if you have been around awhile and we haven’t gotten a chance to visit. I welcome the camaraderie and hope that we can sit and visit awhile in the near future.


Neta Ross

Auxiliary President



2016-2017 Auxiliary Officers


President Neta Odell-Ross, 512-810-2560, neta_vfw_aux@yahoo.com
● Senior Vice President:  Pat Watson ● Junior Vice President: Julie Reinecke
● Treasurer:   Adrienne Marks ● Chaplain: Lanae Wood
● Conductress:  Chasadiy King ● Guard:  Jaci Kroupa
● Secretary:  Mary Jane Tatum





Beginning of Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) –January 17th (1991)

Post Workday –January 21st, 0900

Post Planning Meeting – January 26th, 1815 (Annex)

Anniversary of the Signing of the Paris Peace Accords – January 27th (1973)

VFW Department of Texas Mid-Winter Convention, January 27-29th in Austin, see www.texasvfw.org/upcoming-events

Regular Meeting of the Post and Auxiliary – February 2nd, 1800

Rodeo Committee Meeting, February 8th, 1815 (Annex)

Post Workday –February 18th, 0900

Post Planning Meeting – February 23rd, 1815 (Annex)

Regular Meeting of the Post and Auxiliary – March 2nd, 1800

Rodeo Committee Meeting, March 8th, 1815 (Annex)






  1. Who is eligible?  Children and grandchildren of members in good standing of Oldham-Cummings VFW Post #6441 who meet the following criteria are eligible:
    • in their senior year of high school (or home school equivalent) and expected to graduate in 2017, or
    • have graduated from high school since 2013 and are currently enrolled in post-secondary education,  and
    • have not previously received the Post Memorial Scholarship.


  1. How do I apply?
  • Applicants must complete an application in the attached format (one page of required information, resume of 1-2 pages, 1-2 page description of future plans.
  • For ease of evaluation, we prefer that applications are printed on plain paper (8½” X 11”) using Font style/size Arial 12, double spaced.
  • This is not an essay contest, however, applicants must provide the requested information clearly and concisely.
  • Signed applications must be provided to the Post Commander not later than February 1st, 2017.


  1. What happens after I turn in my application? The scholarship committee will meet to review each application and determine which applicant(s) are most deserving of a scholarship. The maximum scholarship amount is $1,000 and the committee may award more than one scholarship.


  1. How will the scholarship be applied?  The scholarship is for post-secondary education (college or technical training) and is valid anytime within calendar year 2017.  Scholarship winners will need to present evidence of enrollment to the Post QM who will provide the scholarship amount directly to the college or technical school on the student’s behalf.  If a winner fails to enroll in post-secondary education in 2017, the scholarship will be forfeited.



Name of Applicant: ____________________________________

Date of Birth:___________________________


Name of Post #6441 Member:____________________________________

Relationship: ____________________________________


  1. Applicant Resume (attach a summary of experience to date including school, sports, clubs, community service activities, church, volunteer service, employment, etc. maximum of two pages)


  1. Future Plans (attach a description of your plans for future education or training, [i.e. how you intend to apply a scholarship if we award you one], future career plans, etc, maximum of two pages).



Signature of Applicant: _______________________________



Signature of Post #6441 Member:______________________